The Bripe – Make and Drink Coffee in a PIPE!

Do you enjoy beards? How about pointy elf shoes? Man Buns? Sitting cross-legged outside starbucks, offering witty musings to urban passers-by? Do you want to looks like you are an outdoors man, when in fact, your only exposure to the great outdoors are your trips to and from Bath and Body works to get your scented lotions? Then look no further, for you have found the ultimate lumber-sexual accessory – the Bripe.

The Bripe is a unique way to make a coffee. Made of highly conductive copper, it will heat to brewing temperature in 60 seconds. Created on the rivers of Costa Rica by two friends who love rafting and overnight treks, the Bripe makes coffee wherever possible.

Rich and smooth fresh coffees and teas are yours to enjoy anywhere, from river trekking to hipster cafes. The Ultra Portable Coffee Brew Pipe Kit is made for lightweight or minimalist outdoor adventures. The Brie Kit contains everything you need for multiple shots of espresso-like coffee on your day or overnight camp or hike.

Included in the Kits

For the price you get a small copper pipe (replete with a fabulous looking cork nozzle), a flat stand for the cup, reusable coffee filter, a crack pipe torch, a thermometer, and a snazzy little carrying case, perfect for packing in your murse. It is light weight, so it won’t hurt your delicate disposition.

The verdicts

The basic idea behind this little jewel that you may not want a full cup of coffee between your mac book browsing and attending classes at your $80,000 a year liberal arts college, so why not settle for a 2 ounce shot you can heat up with your handy dandy crack pipe? It heats up in a couple minutes and, Viola!, you have a hot, steaming pipe-full of hot Turkish coffee just waiting to meet your lips. Sometimes, you don’t want a cup-full. What you really want is a Bripe-full!

Whether you are discussing how lame Trump is, or browsing your local second hand book store for old Noam Chomsky novels, the Bripe is the perfect accessory to compliment your urbane lifestyle.

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