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5 Reasons Why I Switched to Tuft & Needle and Don’t Regret It


Thinking about buying a mattress? You’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll talk about everything you need to know before you buy a new one. But first, let me tell you why I switched from another brand and don’t regret it at all. Tuft & Needle has changed my life in the best possible way, and I am so excited to share with you 5 reasons why I switched and don’t regret it one bit.

Tried and True Manufacturing Process

The first thing I wanted to talk about is the tried and true manufacturing process. There’s nothing more important when thinking about purchasing a bed than making sure it is high quality. A lot of manufacturers use cheaper materials and lower their prices by cutting corners. But Tuft & Needle uses only the highest quality materials and doesn’t skimp on the manufacturing process. Their products are thoroughly inspected at every stage of manufacturing, and they have a policy of no-compromise durability. They are so confident in their manufacturing that they offer a 10-year limited warranty. I really like that because unfortunately, things break from time to time — and when they do, it’s nice to know that the company will stand by their product for the long haul.

Durability and Quality of Materials

The next thing I wanted to talk about is the durability and quality of materials. The last thing you want is to buy a mattress and then have it break and last for only a few years. Tuft & Needle uses only the best materials for their products. Their top layer is a combination of two types of synthetic fibers. One is a very soft and silky microfiber that is very good at dissipating body heat and keeping you cool. The other is a more course and tougher synthetic that is incredibly durable and doesn’t break down easily. The middle layer is a high-density polyfoam that is very supportive and thick enough to provide a solid base. The bottom layer is a series of high quality foam that is breathable and provides just the right amount of sinkage.


The next thing I wanted to talk about is the firmness. When you think of Tuft & Needle you might think of a plush and soft mattress. I have to admit, I had the same misconception for a long time. But when I got the mattress and slept on it for a few nights, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was actually on the firmer side of the spectrum. I like a firmer mattress because it provides just the right amount of contouring and support for my body. It’s a bit of a misconception that a firm mattress is better for your back. It actually depends on your personal preference. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to picking out a mattress. Some people like firm and others like plush.


The next thing I wanted to talk about is the responsiveness. A responsive mattress is one that has the right amount of give and feels like it’s cradling you as you lay down on it. The right amount of responsiveness will make you feel like you’re sinking into the mattress, yet it will have just the right amount of bounce-back to allow you to get out. It’s a very important feature when buying a mattress because it’s indicative of the overall quality and construction of the product. A responsive mattress will feel well-made and give you the right amount of support no matter what position you sleep in. A non-responsive mattress might not be a good fit for someone who sleeps on their side because the mattress won’t contour to your body properly. And a non-responsive mattress is also not a good fit for someone who sleeps on their back because it will feel too bouncy and like you’re not sinking into the mattress enough.

Motion Isolation and Absorbency

The next thing I wanted to talk about is motion isolation and absorbency. Even though Tuft & Needle is made to be on the firmer side, it’s still a very soft and comfortable mattress. And when you’re sleeping on a mattress, you don’t want to feel like you can feel every little movement and twitch that your partner makes. That’s where motion isolation comes in. Motion isolation is when a mattress is able to minimize and cut down on the amount of movement that occurs when someone is moving on the bed. It’s particularly important if you sleep with a partner who tosses and turns a lot when they sleep. The right mattress will minimize the amount of movement and disturbance that occurs when your partner turns over in bed.

The Extra Reason : Customer Service and Return Policy

The next thing I wanted to talk about is customer service and the return policy. Tuft & Needle has one of the best return policies in the industry. If you don’t like the mattress, you can return it for a full refund within 100 days. And if it’s a defect in the product, they will replace it with no questions asked. It’s nice to know that if the mattress is not comfortable for you, you have a ton of time to try to find the right mattress. And if it’s not the right one, you can easily return it for a full refund. No questions asked. Next, I wanted to talk about the fact that Tuft & Needle is a direct-to-consumer model. This means you buy the mattress directly from the company that makes it. You don’t buy it from a retailer like a department store or a brick-and-mortar store. It’s a very different model from what you might be used to.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, there are many reasons why Tuft & Needle is a great choice for a mattress. It’s a tried and true manufacturing process that uses only the highest quality materials and doesn’t skimp on the manufacturing process. The mattress is made to be on the firmer side and is very responsive. It minimizes the amount of movement that occurs on the bed and it has just the right amount of bounce-back to allow you to get out. It’s also a very soft and comfortable mattress, and it’s made to be very breathable. And lastly, it has a very good return policy and is a very direct-to-consumer model. So if you’re looking to buy a new mattress, Tuft & Needle is a great choice!
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7 Reasons Why The Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze Soft Mattress Is A MUST-HAVE

the Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze

If you’re anything like us, you probably spend a large chunk of your time either at work or in your home. If that’s the case, then it makes sense that making sure your space is as comfortable and relaxing as possible should be high on your list of priorities. After all, it’s not uncommon for people to feel jittery and anxious after an long day at work or school. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your workspace feel more like a second home. So why should you take note? Well, we think that the Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze Soft mattress will have an important role to play in this transformation because it can offer so much more than most people realize. Keep reading to learn seven reasons why this mattress is a MUST-HAVE!

You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

A good night’s rest is crucial for optimal health and wellness. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re at a much higher risk for experiencing anxiety and depression. In fact, it’s been reported that sleep deficiency is the most common form of mental illness in the world. When it comes to the Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze, we think that one of its best features is the fact that it’s extremely soft. Therefore, it’s not only extremely comfortable to lie down on, but it also gives you the support you need to get a great night’s sleep. In fact, we think that you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and energized. After all, sleeping on a mattress that’s too firm or too soft can interrupt your sleep cycle. Therefore, it’s crucial that you choose the right mattress for your specific needs.

It’s surprisingly durable for a foam mattress.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tempur-Pedic, you might be surprised to learn that the brand is more than just an expensive mattress. In fact, the company recently expanded their product line to include a variety of health and wellness solutions. Therefore, if you’re currently searching for a new mattress, you might want to consider the fact that Tempur-Pedic creates high-quality products designed to last for years. Furthermore, we think that one of the best features of the LUXEbreeze is the fact that it’s made out of high-density polyurethane foam. This type of foam is not only extremely durable, but it also provides exceptional support. As a result, it’s perfect for people who experience chronic back or joint pain. Furthermore, we think that one of the best parts about this type of foam is the fact that it provides the perfect amount of firmness and softness. Therefore, you’ll be able to feel the support you need while also being able to sink into the mattress when it’s time to relax and unwind.

It can help with chronic pain.

As we just mentioned, a high-density polyurethane foam mattress is perfect for people who experience chronic pain. After all, when you’re lying in such a mattress, you can sink into the mattress and rest your body in a position that’s most suitable for you. As a result, you’ll be able to find relief from your pain without having to twist and turn in your sleep. In addition to providing the perfect amount of support and comfort, the Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze also has a cooling effect. Therefore, if you have a chronic condition like fibromyalgia, you’ll be able to find relief from the uncomfortable heat and throbbing that often occurs with the condition.

It’s incredibly comfortable.

Another aspect that makes the Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze so appealing is the fact that it’s incredibly comfortable. In fact, we think that this mattress is so comfortable that you might have a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning. While comfort is subjective, we think that this mattress has a great combination of softness and firmness. It’s soft enough that you’ll feel as if you’re sinking into the mattress, but it’s firm enough that you’ll be able to get all the support you need. As a result, you’ll be able to find relief from virtually any type of pain. Whether you have chronic pain or you’re just looking for a more comfortable sleeping experience, this mattress is perfect for you.

The price is just right.

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why the Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze is a MUST-HAVE! After all, we think that everyone should have the chance to experience this incredibly comfortable mattress. However, we also recognize that the cost of a new mattress can be a bit overwhelming. In this case, we think that the price of the LUXEbreeze is just right. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable Tempur-Pedic mattresses on the market. Therefore, you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy all of the benefits that this mattress has to offer. Furthermore, you can find this mattress for an even cheaper price if you decide to buy it online. After all, you can frequently find deals and discounts online.

It comes with a 10-year warranty.

We know that a lot of people are hesitant to spend money on a mattress because they’re afraid that it will wear out quickly. However, with the Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze, you don’t have to worry about such things. In fact, this mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. Therefore, if you start to notice any damages or wear and tear after using the mattress for a few years, you can always contact the company. They’ll help you get a new mattress or send you the funds for repairs. What’s more, we think that the fact that this mattress comes with a 10-year warranty is a testament to the fact that it’s exceptionally durable. In fact, many people report that they’ve been sleeping on this mattress for more than 10 years.

It can be paired with other Tempur-Pedic products.

Finally, we think that one of the best reasons to purchase the Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze is because it can be paired with other Tempur-Pedic products. In addition to the LUXEbreeze, Tempur-Pedic also offers the LUXE, LUXE Classic, and LUXE Grand. If you’re looking to create a truly customized sleeping experience, you’ll want to pair these two products together. We think that this can be especially beneficial if you’re sharing your bed with someone. After all, it’s important that you and your partner each have a mattress that is perfect for your specific needs.


If you’re one of the many people who dream of waking up feeling refreshed, energized, and comfortable, then we think that the Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze is a must-have. This mattress is incredibly durable, incredibly comfortable, and incredibly affordable. In other words, it has all the qualities that a good mattress should have and more. What’s more, this mattress can be paired with other Tempur-Pedic products to create a truly customized sleeping experience.

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Stay At Home, These are the products that can make you busy.

stay at home

It  spring time! and you have to stay at home. Forget about all those party, hanging out with friends, enjoy the beach or those activities that you plan for this spring. Instead Stay put at home. No School day but your kids cannot go anywhere, No Office day, but you still need to work from home.  

We know this could be a challenge for all. That’s why we create stay at home Products list that will keep you busy and productive during this stay at home periods.

Our Favorite

Product Category




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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, we may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Thank you if you use our links, we really appreciate it!

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Best Dog Products

best dog products

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5 Best Electric Lawn Mowers: Why You Need One

Best Electric Lawn Mower

5 Best Electric Lawn Mowers: Why You Need One

Electric lawn mowers can be true miracle-workers, because let’s face it, no one wants to push around a lawn mower that is bulky and difficult to maneuver and requires too much strength to cut the grass properly. Mowing your lawn is a necessity if you want your yard to look its best and you want to keep your neighbors from complaining, so you might as well choose a lawn mower that is easy and fast to use.

There are two basic types of electric lawn mowers: those that have extension cords and those that run on rechargeable batteries. There are many pros and cons of using this type of lawn mower, and perhaps the biggest advantage is the reduction in carbon emissions spewing into the air. If you’re doing research to find the best electric lawn mower, here are just a few that you should consider.

Greenworks 40-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower


Available in both 16- and 17-inch sizes, this is considered one of the best electric lawn mower products by many of the experts, and onceGreenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower you research it you’ll understand why. It comes with a bag that you can use for storing leaves or for mulching, and there are five different height positions to choose from, and the height can be changed with one hand.

Perfect for most yards, the Greenworks lawn mower can cut roughly 1,400 square feet of yard on a single charge, and its 40-volt, 4.0-Ah Li-ion battery can easily power other yard tools as well, making yard work quick and simple so you won’t need all day to complete it. You can quickly switch from regular bagging to mulching, and the mower’s ease of use means you won’t have to dread the weekly task of mowing the lawn.

Even if this is the first electric lawn mower you’ve ever used, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you get used to it, and afterwards you’ll likely wonder how you ever did without it.

American Lawn Mower Company Corded Electric Lawn Mower


Often voted the best electric lawn mower when it comes to overall value, this corded American Lawn Mower Companyelectric lawn mower sells for roughly $115, which is affordable for most people. Its 11-amp motor allows you to cut grass as easily as if you had a gas-powered mower, and its 14-inch cutting width means you’ll be able to quickly get a neat-looking lawn without spending a lot of time outside.

The mower also comes with a total of five height adjustments, allowing you to cut the grass from 1 inch to 2.5 inches with ease. You also get several handle height positions that guarantee your comfort as you’re mowing, as well as a 16-gallon grass bag that allows for easy grass pickup so no raking is needed after you’re done. Lightweight and super easy to use, you will get used to this lawn mower quickly and will never regret purchasing it.

If you care about the environment but don’t want your grass-cutting experience to be difficult or cumbersome, this is the electric lawn mower for you.

Yard Force Self-Propelled 22” Electric Lawn Mower


If you have an unusually large yard, you’ll likely need something like this particular lawn mower. Yard Force Self-Propelled 22” Electric Lawn MowerAvailable in a large 22” size and complete with two batteries and a charger the Yard Force mower is very powerful, thanks to its 120-volt brushless motor that has the strength of a gas-powered motor without all the nasty emissions that come with it. You can use either one or both batteries, allowing you to enjoy up to 100 minutes of runtime on a single charge.

There are even special sensors inside the motor that can sense when you’re cutting extra-thick grass and are in need of additional power, and you can instantly adjust the speed with a simple control lever that you can operate with your hand. You can also go from rear-bagging to mulching to side discharge quickly and easily, and the bag is always easy and convenient to remove when you need to take it off.

Greenworks 21-Inch 80-Volt Electric Lawn Mower


If you’re looking for the best electric lawn mower for your yard but don’t want to spend $800-1,000 on it, the Greenworks mower is the one to consider. Greenworks 21-Inch 80V Lawn MowerPriced at just under $500, its 21-inch size is perfect for most yards, and it comes with two 2.0-Ah batteries and a charger for your convenience. The mower enables you to mow for a full 60 minutes on a single charge, and it comes complete with a bagger, mulcher, and side-discharge feature so you can decide for yourself which option is best for your needs.

It also comes with a simple push-button start feature so you can begin using it immediately, as well as a brushless motor that offers the same ease-of-use as a gas-powered motor but none of the inconveniences. There are many advantages of using an electric lawn mower to take good care of your yard, and this model will let you enjoy every single one of them every time you mow your lawn.

Black & Decker Electric Lawn Mower

This 15-inch, 10-amp electric lawn mower is made by one of the most reputable companies on the planet and is so reasonably priced that it is affordable for practically everyone.BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower Retailing at just under $115, the Black & Decker electric lawn mower offers advantages such as an ergonomically designed handle for extra comfort, a push-button start feature for ease of use, and rugged wheels that work even in extra-thick or long grass.

The mower even comes with two options for the handle – a bike handle and a pivot handle, allowing you to choose the one that is perfect for your needs. You also get six different height adjustments that allow you to cut your grass from 1 inch to 3 inches easily and quickly. With this lawn mower, you are in control of the results, and if you’re looking for the best electric lawn mower on the market but don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Black & Decker electric lawn mower should be on the top of your list of choices.

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How To Get Rid Of Acne

how to get rid of acne

 In this Article, you will find out how to get rid of acne effectively.

Acne is a lot more than a few embarrassing pimples. It’s a complicated skin condition that occurs below the surface of your skin, in cycles that start weeks before a breakout actually appears.

Even though 85% of people 12-24 experience at least some form of acne, you can feel like the loneliest (and most unattractive) person in the world if it’s happening to you. So how do you even get acne in the first place? Four steps come into play. It starts with clogged pores and ends with a red bump, whitehead, or blackhead that erupts on your skin.

Luckily, while understanding acne can be complicated, dealing with it can actually
be really simple. The solution? Blue Light It


Acne shouldn’t be a reason to avoid that selfie opp. Just play “Name That Zit”
to find out what’s going on, so you can pinpoint the problem and take action to banish breakouts.

Think your acne is caused by eating too much fast food, using the wrong makeup, or not washing your face often enough? SOZ, but it’s not that simple.

While the exact genetic cause of acne is still foggy, research shows that if your
family has had a case of severe acne, it’s more likely you’ll have severe acne.

What you’re eating can cause inflammation, your body’s response to harmful substances or infection.
Since you are what you eat, swap those frenemy foods for fruits, vegetables, whole grains and
high-quality protein (fish, poultry, tofu, legumes and nuts).

Consider puberty the master of ceremonies for the acne party. During puberty,
your body begins to produce hormones called androgens.

Say whaaat? These androgens cause oil-producing glands to enlarge, stimulating
oil production. when there’s more oil and less shedding of dead skin cells, pores
become clogged, resulting in… acne

Stress doesn’t directly cause acne, but it does act as a trigger for excess oil development.


Not only does stress throw your adrenal glands into overdrive, it also causes increased blood flow and expansion of capillaries, which makes skin appear more red and inflamed.


If that wasn’t enough, stress can also cause poor absorption of nutrients and can slow healing because of a lowered immune system.

Face it. Even after you get clear, you need to keep up the good work to stay acne free. Because acne lasts 5 to 10 years for the average teen, if you stop your treatment it’s likely your acne will come back after a few weeks.

Being of what causes breakouts in different areas of your face, practicing good skin habits and sticking with your 3-step Positively Clear regime will keep your skin clear and healthy for as long as it takes.

Acne-causing bacteria is not your friend. Kill it and get clear, healthy skin in just 8
weeks with new Positively Clear 3-Step Acne Skincare Solution.



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Best Non slip Yoga Mat with Extra Large and Eco Friendly Material

non slip yoga mat

Best Non Slip Yoga Mat. Fitness Mat Eco Friendly Material SGS Certified Ingredients TPE Specifications 72” x 26” Thickness 1/4-Inch Non-Slip Extra Large Yoga Mat with Carry Bag.

  • New Eco Friendly Material : TPE is the latest technological improvement to the traditional yoga mats. No latex, no PVC, non-toxic or any harmful chemicals. Our mats are made of SGS certified TPE material which is non-slip, odor-less and excellent in cushioning, unlike those cheap & traditional non-degradable PVC, NBR or EVA yoga mats. They are truly eco-friendly, healthy and recyclable.
  • Body Alignment System: The alignment lines help you to focus and adjust your hands and feet to the accurate position, and keep body in proper alignment.
  • Alignment stripe design: Perfect for home or studio use. The alignment lines help to maintain the correct body posture in several asanas (yoga positions). It is particularly helpful when practicing alone without a yoga trainer.
  • Exceptional Resilience: Allow you to keep your balance during any exercise style. Moisture resistant Technology makes the mat to be easily washed with soap and water.
  • Guarantee: Our mats come with a 1 year warranty, any problems we will replace straight away. Anything else, our team are on hand 24/7 and will resolve your issue within 24 hours

non slip yoga mat

Why Choose YAWHO TPE Yoga Mat?

  • Double Sided Texture for Twice the Traction

    YAWHO YOGA MAT features a textured non-slip surface and “Waves” pattern designed for excellent traction. Its superior grip and a reversible design to keep you motivated and focused.

  • Durability & High Quality

    we always Focus on quality. Our dual-layer mat is designed to withstand the test of time to help improve and enhance your practice.

  • Comfortable Cushioning and Extra Protection

    YAWHO mat provides extra cushioning to reduce impact on your joints. The 6mm (1/4” )high density padding comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows while still providing exceptional grip and resilience.

  • Easy to Clean

    1.wet the towel and wring it dry.

    2.Wipe the yoga mat with a towel and wipe off the dirt on the yoga mat.

    3.Place the yoga mat in a cool,ventilated place to let it dry, keep away from the sun, otherwise the yoga mat will be split.

    Note: Do not use strong corrosive cleaning agents

Disclaimer : is an affiliate website to we might get a fraction of fee if you purchase from our link but this not effect our reviews & recommendation.

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Bose Soundlink Revolve+ Review

Bose Soundlink revolve+ review

In this article I wanted to share with you about Bose soundlink revolve+ review. With the price point range between $250-$300 (you can get 20% discount with this link).I am going to focus the bose soundlink revolve+ review on 3 main area that importance to me.  Design, Sound Quality and Functionality

bose soundlink revolve+ review


Bose Soundlink Revolve+ has a modern design that can complement the decor. Even thou the Bose Revolve+ design is not so unique. There are similar tower-like 360 speakers out there. In other words, you won’t know it’s a Bose unless you see the logo/label on top of the speaker. The Revolve+ handle and optional base is helpful with it’s mobility/convenience.

Sound Quality:

As All Bose Speaker before, this speaker do a great job dispersing a 360 sound. The Revolve+ definitely has the signature Bose sound tone/quality, but with more bass and power than the Soundlink color, II & III. If you are a fan of the Bose signature sound, then you will not be disappointed. The bass is very noticeable and can even rattle the table it’s sitting on with some songs. Treble and mid’s are very clean. I’ve tested this speaker on everything from Hip Hop to classical and it never disappoints. The 360-degree sound is truly phenomenal.


The Revolve+ has very convenient soft buttons on top. I also like the Bose Connect app which allows you to turn on your speaker without having to walk over to the speaker even when the speaker is not plugged in.

BTW, there is a sound delay when connecting the AUX of the Bose Revolve+. I noticed this when trying to add the Revolve+ to my Airplay system. So, it is not sync compatible when using the AUX input.

The speaker is drop and water resistant, which is a big plus. I haven’t purposely tested either of these yet but it seems very solid and I would have no concerns with leaving it out in the rain or an occasional splash from the pool.

The speaker boasts 16 hours of battery life and I’ve found this to be right on if the device is fully charged. This is more than enough for a long summer BBQ out in the sun. The battery is by far one of the most amazing features of the Bose Revolve +.


In conclusion, this is a great speaker and I highly doubt there will be any cases of buyer’s remorse. If you’re willing to pay the price, you will not be disappointed.

You can save 20% and get the Bose Soundlink Revolve+ in for $239 with this link.

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The Bripe – Make and Drink Coffee in a PIPE!


Do you enjoy beards? How about pointy elf shoes? Man Buns? Sitting cross-legged outside starbucks, offering witty musings to urban passers-by? Do you want to looks like you are an outdoors man, when in fact, your only exposure to the great outdoors are your trips to and from Bath and Body works to get your scented lotions? Then look no further, for you have found the ultimate lumber-sexual accessory – the Bripe.

The Bripe is a unique way to make a coffee. Made of highly conductive copper, it will heat to brewing temperature in 60 seconds. Created on the rivers of Costa Rica by two friends who love rafting and overnight treks, the Bripe makes coffee wherever possible.

Rich and smooth fresh coffees and teas are yours to enjoy anywhere, from river trekking to hipster cafes. The Ultra Portable Coffee Brew Pipe Kit is made for lightweight or minimalist outdoor adventures. The Brie Kit contains everything you need for multiple shots of espresso-like coffee on your day or overnight camp or hike.

Included in the Kits

For the price you get a small copper pipe (replete with a fabulous looking cork nozzle), a flat stand for the cup, reusable coffee filter, a crack pipe torch, a thermometer, and a snazzy little carrying case, perfect for packing in your murse. It is light weight, so it won’t hurt your delicate disposition.

The verdicts

The basic idea behind this little jewel that you may not want a full cup of coffee between your mac book browsing and attending classes at your $80,000 a year liberal arts college, so why not settle for a 2 ounce shot you can heat up with your handy dandy crack pipe? It heats up in a couple minutes and, Viola!, you have a hot, steaming pipe-full of hot Turkish coffee just waiting to meet your lips. Sometimes, you don’t want a cup-full. What you really want is a Bripe-full!

Whether you are discussing how lame Trump is, or browsing your local second hand book store for old Noam Chomsky novels, the Bripe is the perfect accessory to compliment your urbane lifestyle.

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5 Best Espresso Machine For Home

5 Best espresso machine for home. Start your day with a cup of coffee.  Well that most of us do early in the morning. But queuing in the morning for a cup of java could be troublesome. If you want to do your own brew at home and to lazy to do manual brew, you can look at our option below. This will make your day without going out just to get a cup of good java. Below are our list of best coffee machine for home.

Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker, K-Cup Pod, Single Serve, Programmable, Black

keurig K-Classic

This is what made me a fan of coffee. Perfect one-cup for when you need it instead of a pot you’ll end of wasting. In the long run, you’ll save money, so this is an investment.

It came with 4 kcups to test out. I love that you can put hot cocoa pods or even just brew hot water to come out with your tea bag of choice. Brews 6, 8 or 10 oz so you can choose cup size accordingly. I was able to buy reusable kcup pods as well, so I can brew my own grinds as needed.

It’s a little noisy when it takes water from the reservoir.  I have not had issues with it spitting or splashing water around.
The water reservoir and drip tray are removable. There’s a auto-off option which shuts the machine off 2 hours after the LAST cup was brewed, not 2 hours after powering on. There’s a light that will come on when more water needs to be added and there’s a light when the machine needs to be descaled of hard water build up.

Overall I am satisfied with this model and the  price I paid.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle with Aeroccino Milk Frother by Breville, Chrome

Nespreso VertuoThe Vertuo line is completely re-engineered. It takes a bar coded pod (which the machine reads), spins the pod at high speed while injecting over 19 bars of pressure. The result is a very creamy (Crema) coffee or espresso before you even add creamer/milk. Works exactly as they advertise.

The Aerrocino plus is my new favorite toy. Somehow it froths milk into either a creamy blend or whipped froth (depending on which whip you use).  It delivers every time. Coolest thing, one touch button and go. Simple and consistent. If you want to control the temperature, hear the steaming sound etc and then have to clean the nozzle everytime; you’ll want a full espresso machine (ie pay 3 times as much and do 3 times as much work).

  • Easy to use. Everything is literally 1 touch button.
  • Easy to clean. Auto eject pod, rinse milk frother. Done.
  • Great performance: cream/milk frother; perfect!
  • Excellent espresso; vacuum sealed perfectly roasted coffee beans ground and pressurized.
  • Impressive Crema both coffee and espresso.
  • Well made, heavy duty components.
  • Good selection of espresso and coffee
  • Superior customer service.
  • Cost vs other options.
  • Regular coffee (not espresso) is a little watery (but flavorful) if you don’t short the cup at about 6 ounces.
  • Lack of ability to customize, options (if you really want to meddle).
  • Ordering pods
  • Separate milk frother.

This is an absolute keeper. Meets all my needs, is affordable, doesn’t require a massive cleanup every time you make an espresso and delivers consistent delicious coffee. Worth waiting for!

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, Silver

Mr Coffee Cafe BaristaIf you are looking for a brew-and-run system, this isn’t your machine. But the time and effort you spend is honestly not that big of a deal and the results are worth it.

The set up was fairly easy and straightforward, just MAKE SURE THAT YOU REMOVE THE RED COVER FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE WATER CONTAINER before you start using the machine. The water container is extremely convenient, as it holds a large amount of water and you won’t need to fill it every time you make an espresso -unlike traditional espresso machines.

The Options:

There are three different options: ESPRESSO, CAPPUCCINO AND LATTE. You have one button for each option. If you press the button ONCE, you will get a small portion (single shot). If you press it TWICE you will get a bigger portion (double shot). Under those buttons you have another feature that lets you set the amount of froth that you want (little to none for Lattes and lots for cappuccinos.) After you plug the machine your three buttons will start flashing. You have to wait a few minutes until their light is fixed, when that happens you can start using the machine.
To make an espresso you simply fill up the filter with your desired brand of ground coffee (you have a single and double shot filters between which you can easily switch) and press the espresso button either once or twice. Your coffee will start pouring within SECONDS. The espresso comes out dark and rich and even has that crema top to it when the shots are finished pouring.

To make a latter of cappuccino is the same procedure, except that you will need to fill up the milk container. To remove the milk container simply pull it horizontally towards you; to put it back, push it horizontally towards the machine until it “clicks” into place. You have arrows on the container and on the surface of the machine that will touch each other when the milk container is correctly inserted. The froth on the cappuccino is great! The bubbles aren’t as fine and “creamy” as you would get from a professional machine at an espresso bar, but the results are still delicious and impressive. The machine dispenses the milk first, then adds the shots of espresso, so I sometimes stir it after it’s done to totally mix the espresso (especially if you add sweetener).

The Beans:

There is definitely an advantage to using the right grind for the coffee beans. Be sure your beans are ground for espresso. I had used beans ground for pour over coffee and the espresso was watery.

The Froth:

This set does have a froth/steam option but does not come with a frothing pitcher to the steam milk in. So you might want to toss an espresso bean grinder and frothing pitcher in your shopping cart too.


Ninja Single-Serve, Pod-Free Coffee Maker Bar with Hot and Iced Coffee, Auto-iQ, Built-In Milk Frother, 5 Brew Styles, and Water Reservoir (CF111)

Ninja Single serveWhile this machine has a lot of plastic components, it’s incredibly sturdy. This item has two buying options on Amazon. I opted for the cheaper one, as the CF111 does not come with the tumblr.

It makes very good coffee, lets you to choose a few custom brews, makes great iced coffee in a few minutes (!) and espresso-like “specialty” brew. The options and directions are super easy to follow. Everything is marked properly, and the “non drip” is prob my fav thing about this unit, other coffee makers make such a mess! Love the reusable filters, and the filter housing is easy to take out and clean and push back in.


  • Single cup brew with different sizes.
  • Reservoir releases a set amount of water for your setting. You can fill it all the way up and just use the remaining water next time.
  • Large recipe book comes with it.
  • Regular and Strong brew settings.
  • Drip stop — Allows you to cut off the flow into the cup (handy if you used the wrong setting for the size of your cup).
  • Preheat setting – Allows you to get your coffee even hotter.
  • Frother built in.
  • Dual side scoop with storage on the machine.
  • Permanent filter option (comes with)
  • No Clock/On/Off digital display. 
  • Mostly plastic construction. I wish that they would make coffee makers look a little nicer since they are displayed on the counter at all times. I would like this thing a lot more if there was more stainless steel.  which would probably make it more expensive.
  • Uses those cone shaped disposable filters that are more expensive. (or you can use the permanent filter that it comes with)

Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker, Single Serve, Black/Stainless Steel

coffee maker programmable drip blank decker best rated reviews sellers ultimate reviewedThis coffee maker switches back and forth from caraffe to single cup, and I have been able to fit all of my travel mugs underneath the single cup side because the cup holder is adjustable. It is extremely convenient.

You can program the caraffe or single cup side easily, and have the option to brew regular or bold strength coffee. I actually found that this machine makes the coffee bold enough that I can use less coffee than with other machines and get a great flavor still. I like the fact that the single-serve side has a permanent coffee filter built in that can be used with ground coffee instead of expensive K-cups. This filter is quick and very easy to fill and clean.

My only minor complaint is that is does take a little on the long side to brew, but I think that’s why it makes great coffee, because the water runs slowly through it rather than fastly through the coffee grounds, allowing a stronger flavor.